One solution, so many uses.

Each of your customers is different in terms of expectations, habits and desires. Each one wants to feel unique and to be the focus of a personalised relationship.
Our on-line payment solutions are designed so that your customers can relate to the payment experience you offer them, on-line, in-app and via mobile.

A perfect payment experience.

47% of consumers turn to a competitor due to a bad customer experience.

Your customers are looking for personalised pathways and customised recommendations. We provide you with all the tools to create the user experience best suited to you. 

Personalisation? Yes, but you decide how. 

Provide a fully personalised check-out experience, in particular through: 

  • Our widget API, which offers an infinite range of personalisation options for your payment pages! 
  • Customer profiling, on the back of the Dotaki solution, is natively integrated in our on-line solution. The algorithm enables you to personalise the check-out in real time according to the customer’s profile, need for reassurance and their aversion to risk. 

79% of European consumers abandon their on-line shopping baskets

The length of the purchasing funnel remains the main cause of abandon: creating a customer account, selecting a delivery method, entering payment details and lastly … confirming the purchase. 

All these reasons discourage consumers who are increasingly in a hurry. 

One means of developing your conversion rate is to reduce the number of “clicks” to finalise the purchase. To go further than “one-click”, Monext offers the shortcut, designed to make sales. It is integrated in your basket confirmation page and enables customers to finalise the order in a single click. Without creating a customer account. Without entering card details. Without running the risk of fraud. 

Your customers enter their ID (Visa Checkout, PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay) and only have to confirm the payment… that’s all! 

35% of consumers abandon their basket if their favourite payment method is not available

Offering your customers the right payment methods, in the right place, at the right time is a major challenge. A payment method is only appropriate if it is in line with a cultural habit, if it is familiar and eligible for the amount and type of payment. 

Doing our utmost to increase your chances of success…

How can you increase your chances of success and boost your conversion rate?

25% of customers who make a reservation on-line also make an additional purchase

 Create the conditions for impulse purchases through e-booking or try and buy.  We will adapt the appropriate charging method: payment in advance, charging upon collection or upon shipment of the order. 

The conversation experience increases the conversion rate by 10%.

With the virtual vendor, you give your customers a sales advisor available 24/7: when a physical sales advisor is unavailable, it takes over to answer questions and recommend products. The payment is directly embedded in the conversation, via our on-line solutions (integrated in the Webotit conversational commerce solution). 
Payment in three or four instalments or pay later solutions are a means of increasing your average basket size and your success rate by enhancing your customers’ spending power and by dividing the authorisation amount by …3 or 4! 

…and improve optimisation 

A rejected transaction is not a lost transaction. Thanks to our retry function, you can make several attempts and obtain a payment authorisation for an incorrectly rejected transaction. It is also easy to activate the proposal of a second payment method in the event of a refusal.

Look at them shine














The current challenge: DSP2

To assist you in the most effective and reassuring way in the shift to DSP2 and the implementation of 3DS V2, we have created some simple solutions for you: 

  • Soft Decline : when the retry function is activated, Monext sends a new authentication request without requiring any action from you.
  • The “on us” / dynamic routing function will enable you to send transactions to the most efficient issuing banks. 
  • Our reporting activity enables you to monitor the performance of issuers and acquirers. 
  • You can optimise the frictionless approach via our anti-fraud module to maximise your conversion rate, without increasing your risk of fraud. 

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