Cards are developing against a backdrop of exciting change.

It has become necessary to offer much more than a simple card. A perfect user experience is now required to build your cardholders’ loyalty and win new markets (professionals, young people, those without bank accounts, etc.).
What is our priority? We want you to stand out in this buzzing ecosystem, and above all satisfy your cardholders by innovating and developing new card services.

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Our functionalities are designed to serve your cardholders

From “must-haves” …

Your customers are looking for immediacy: real time and control are now the norm.  

Empower them! Give your cardholders the option of configuring their cards to suit their needs: card type, PIN code, service activation (contactless payments, withdrawals, ceilings, on-line payments, payments abroad, etc.). All these configurations are done in real time to meet their need for immediacy.

Your cardholders can then take control and your financial advisors can focus on their business. 

Key functionalities: 

  • Authorisations
  • Card Management
  • Clearing Management
  • Cryptography
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To more disruptive features

Stand out and surprise your cardholders by offering them original services. The “virtual” card enables customers to make on-line purchase immediately, before receiving their “physical” card. It can also be instantly activated for mobile payments with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

PIN code management is one of the most popular functionalities among neobanks: selecting and receiving the PIN by SMS, Web or app, and also a PIN reminder in only 4 steps.

6.8/10 is the average rating cardholders give their bank with regard to dispute management. Thanks to the real-time dispute notification, you can restore customer confidence and control. The principle is simple and intuitive: from their application, your clients can immediately report disputed transactions, in one click, for improved management. 

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The user experience, by Monext

Our fully customisable interfaces for banking back offices were designed with experts in user-friendliness, the experience of our banking clients and our department specialised in outsourcing the processing of disputes and outstanding payments. Browsing has been designed to make users’ lives easier with quick access keys, quick shortcut menus, tab-based browsing (to manage several searches and views at the same time). This gives an exhaustive view of the information searched for, etc. 

These interfaces are fully customisable and give controlled access to data and menus, regardless of the user profile. For enhanced security and greater control, they constitute a comprehensive steering tool.

They trust us

Whether they are oil companies, on-line banks, fintechs, conventional banks, French or global players. Whether they work with individuals or professionals. We have successfully supported them and met their requirements.




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