Because everything’s mobile

A genuine cornerstone of the digitisation of sales outlets and of the customer relationship, you can leverage all its benefits: targeted, customised, profitable and immediate solutions.

Two challenges, two solutions

Give customers control

Purchases in a single action

Offer an intuitive enrollment

Enrolment, together with the brand’s loyalty programme, couldn’t be easier, quicker or safer.

Their success makes us proud

U, commerçant autrement ! - a different kind of merchant

Across France, there are more than 1,500 U stores. U hypermarkets and supermarkets work day in, day out for better U products that are more environmentally-friendly and which protect local jobs. The brand’s approach is to source its products from French companies, preferring partnerships where possible.
As for most retailers, check-out queues are one of the most irritating moments for customers. The brand wishes to act on this. Within the U universe, they even talk about an in-store “toll barrier”!

U paiement

To smooth out the check-out process without disturbing their customers’ pathways and habits, U stores have created their “tailor-made” mobile payment application: U paiement. 
A pathway designed by the brand’s marketing team to offer all loyal customers the option of paying in a single action. With U paiement, the customer presents a QR code which includes all loyalty and payment details. It also incorporates payment in instalments options, alerts and promotions, etc. 

For our mobile payments, we placed our trust in Monext for its payment expertise, the reliability of its employees, and the proven security of its solutions. Its knowledge of the challenges and stakes of mobile payments for a brand such as U, able to win our customers’ approval, was a definite advantage.

says Emilie Tison, Financial Services Director for the U brand. That is what the U brand stands for: “Commerçants autrement”, meaning a different kind of merchant.

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