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Instalment payment methods: all you need to know before making a choice

Your customers are different, and so are their payments! Whatever you sell, their habits, practices and behaviours are not alike, and neither are their payment preferences. Everything can be paid for in instalments, but …. not necessarily in the same way.

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An overview of the solutions available via Monext: Oney, Cetelem, Casino, Cofidis and Carrefour.

Oney,can be used to offer payments in 3, 4, 6 10 and even 12 instalments: something to boost your customers’ purchasing power, in France and abroad! One of the advantages of this payment method is its seamless pathway. Once signed up, your customers will enjoy a simplified pathway by entering a user ID/password to pay for their purchases in instalments.

For your German, British, Austrian or Nordic customers, Klarna offers Slice-it: customers can pay in instalments with or without fees, from 3 to 36 months.

Celetem’s payment solution in 3 or 4 instalments is also available for all Monext merchants. One of Cetelem’s strengths is the scope of its solution: from “3 or 4 instalments” to credit (Presto). The user experience is also very good as it is designed for mobile use. A smooth purchasing funnel, a simple registration form, a clear and transparent summary of costs and payment schedule.

Retailers’ banks also offer payment solutions in instalments: Banque Casino in 3 or 4 instalments and Carrefour 3xCB or 4xCB.

Cofidishas a solution designed for retailers, available in 4 countries and with a wide scope including credit solutions: Cofidis Pay. Customers can also pay in 4 instalments with PayPal.

Implementing the right payment solution in instalments gives you the opportunity to recruit new customers, increase their basket sizes and also to bypass the issue of card ceilings (in particular before Christmas and holidays, etc.) and reduce your rejection rate (it allows you to obtain an optimal risk score, while ensuring a high level of security for your customers).

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