Should fraudulent activity be blocked? Yes, but not at any price.

Tracing fraud should not adversely impact your success. Thanks to our solutions and expertise, protect your turnover and increase your conversion rate without tolerating fraudsters.

Identify your customers to recognise fraudsters.

Who are your customers?

What are their purchasing habits? Identify them through the wealth of information in our API. Block only suspicious behaviour through archived data for your customers: fingerprint device, IP addresses, etc.

We are able to notify you of fraudulent uses of blocked cards through OPPOTOTA files (national registers of blocked cards).

A tool that is fully configurable to protect your success rate.

The fullness of our Fraud Management tool enables us to work on all data that you may give us and to cover a comprehensive scope.

It enables you to manage your rules independently for real-time analysis: customer profile, payment method, order, delivery, email, IP address, device, history, etc.

Fully customisable, you can achieve the expected results from the tool through your actions and configurations. No “black box” effect: you are in control of everything. No surprises.


Customised support

Our expertise in relation to a wide range of merchant categories enables our Fraud Management team to assist and advise you regarding the optimisation of your rules, in line with your customers and your instances of fraud.

Specific support

A new start, the launch of a new product range or any other specific requirement? Our experts will assist you with your issues as part of a personalised approach, for as long as it takes.

Ongoing support

Fraud management is not your area of expertise, do you prefer to focus on your core business? Entrust it to us and let us steer your fraud management for you.

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