consumers loans

Paying how you want, when you want, wherever you are, is no longer just a dream.

Future challenges will require businesses to adapt, innovate, offer more sales channels to drive growth and not least, devise new approaches to consumer credit. In France and worldwide, Monext will guide you through these developments!

Monext provides operational and technical support for your credit systems and payment facilities over a wide range of channels, in compliance with existing and upcoming regulations: the perfect arsenal to attract new customers and build loyalty. 

Anticipating and drawing inspiration from market developments and consumer requirements

To better adapt to the market’s changing requirements, Monext develops a package that covers the entire life cycle of a loan: from its inception and related scoring to account management and debt recovery.

Loans tailored to all requirements

With our scalable and flexible solutions, we work together to design credit products that are tailored to your business activity and focused on maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction throughout Europe. Our portfolio covers all types of consumer requirements: revolving credit facilities, loans for specific purposes, capital repayment loans, payment by instalments (with or without interest), etc.

You may now offer payment facilities either directly via your points of sale or on-line (website, mobile, etc.).