To protect against online fraud, Monext can offer strong, multi-factor authentication solutions aimed at safeguarding access to payment data.

Monext can help financial institutions and merchants better manage risk by using our highly-effective anti-fraud tools and solutions : real-time analysis of transactions, multi-criteria filters and rules, dynamic CVV, real-time alerts…Specifically designed to reduce chargebacks without detrimental effects on your sales figures, all our solutions are also focused on cutting your operating costs and improving your conversion rates.

In addition, Monext provides advice and guidance (including selecting criteria for your anti-fraud rules) and Fraud Mining/Business Intelligence tools for better insight into the type of fraudulent activity to which your business may be exposed, as well as improved risk management.

In addition to fraud prevention, our back-office electronic payment experts are committed to safeguarding your interests in the event of disputed transactions, irrespective of the existence of fraud.

With Monext, turn your risks into opportunities.