With a multi-products, multi-services, multi-format capability, Monext’s card issuance solution is at the heart of your business strategy!

Monext is a key player in the strategies implemented by financial institutions with respect to their payment methods, offering an extensive portfolio of card-issuing and related services (prepaid, corporate, debit, credit cards, among others).

Our approach is very much driven by the financial sector’s changing trends and behaviours. Monext is proud of its continuing policy of updating and improving its solutions to offer an ever-growing range of services to cardholders, helping your customers have full command of the way they use their card. Options include online card activation and the ability to modify credit limits and manage alerts.

Retain your clients with value-added services: Instant issuance, contactless payments, card design personalization,  selection of their own PIN, sending of PIN by text message, payment by mobile phone, e-wallets, dynamic CVV, real-time fraud alerts, etc.

We create highly-effective risk management tools: identification of fraudulent activity through real-time analysis of authorizations, Dynamic Service Restriction, dynamic CVV, 3D Secure and more.

Our teams can take care of all aspects of dispute management, liaising closely with you and processing dossiers in accordance with regulatory time limits.

With Monext, stay ahead of the curve by choosing a solution that is adjustable, globally recognized and SEPA compliant.