Increasing sales
across all channels

Our vision of payments is firmly rooted in optimising your performance. This involves increasing your customer base and their baskets while simplifying reports and consolidation… all at the lowest cost.

The consumer is right at the core of your initiatives and various sales channels (web – mobile – tablets – brick and mortar shops, etc.) and is deserving of all your attention!

A seamless user experience

Give consumers the opportunity to enjoy a seamless payment experience wherever they are. Its simplicity and comfort alone are commensurate with the trust it builds. Regardless of the channel, offer them the greatest choice of payment methods and high added-value services. This will win them over and build loyalty: payment by instalments, payment in the card currency, etc.

In France and worldwide (more than 300 platforms in 160 countries), our solutions are based on simplicity and pragmatism, combining the best of the Internet and of conventional retail.

Payments, unique and comprehensive information for your CRM

Build loyalty through innovation and knowledge of your clients: on-line payments, click & collect, store to web, web to store, mobile and in-store payments (mPOS, mobile, tablet), etc.

In addition to the wide range of solutions tailored to your needs and all payment situations, we strive to provide you with an in-depth knowledge of your clients. We are able to give you access to a wealth of information on their behaviour. Such data, IP address for on-line purchases, country and card type, product sold, basket, device used, etc. are key assets in building a comprehensive CRM database.

Take advantage of our ability to give you an overview of each of your clients and their payments … while enjoying significant cost optimisation.