Improving your customer
relations management

Cross-channel retailing, the connected object used as payment device, the online habits of heavy internet users result in increasingly complex payment methods and environments. It is therefore becoming crucial to build up customer relationships that are interactive, simple and tailored to the needs of the individual client. Our solutions are specially designed to develop unique and longstanding customer relationships.

Our portfolio of solutions covers the entire lifespan of a payment service or a banking product. From the initial application, to the issuing and activation of their bank card, it has become vitally important to develop a truly interactive relationship with the customer. From marketing to complaints, help with applications, the management of the different financial and commercial aspects of the products and services we offer and the provision of information and customer support, our services put power back into the hands of the consumer – the power that comes from a real human contact and an approach that’s tailored to the individual!

In coordination with our PCI-DSS-certified call-centre, we provide your clients with advice, expertise and support.

If you need to ask a question, or confirm or authenticate a transaction, or make a payment via a call-centre agent or IVR – having a voice over the phone is surely the most comforting solution.

Building strong relationships with your clients on an individual basis needs more than just data analysis – you need to be able to react in real-time. Our ‘Big Data’ platform and Business Intelligence services offer you the kind of in-depth customer insight that you need to develop lasting relationships with your clients.