PAYWE.L adopted by 100% of Leclerc stores!

PAYWE.L adopted by 100% of Leclerc stores!

News | October 18, 2016

Johann Bansard, Banque EDEL, tells all: an innovative offer providing stores with significant financial levers, while freeing them of PCI DSS restrictions.

“All Leclerc stores have understood the advantages of centralised payments”

Johann BANSARD – Operations Manager | Banque EDEL

What were your payment issues and challenges?

When we launched the project, we identified three major challenges for Leclerc stores:

  • Freeing them of PCI DSS issues, the restrictions of which were too heavy to be managed internally,
  • Providing them with significant financial levers through an optimisation of the cost of transactions by selecting the “best” acquiring bank (via a dynamic routing of flows) and the “best” possible network,
  • Playing an important role in our innovation strategy: considering future customer pathways, finding solutions to “cross-channel” challenges.

Why did you want to position yourself over the entire payment chain?

This would enable us to have better control over electronic payments in Leclerc stores. At Banque Edel, we are well aware of the challenges inherent to interchange, and Infomil (which manages all business areas related to IT systems) had the technical vision. We joined forces to meet the issues experienced in Leclerc stores. We then built up, in partnership with Monext, our “Paywe.L” pre-acquisition offer.

As an acquiring bank, we own 40% of market shares in Leclerc stores … but Paywe.L was adopted by 100% of stores! They all understood the advantages of centralisation.

We have successfully shifted the lines of electronic payments slightly and going beyond Leclerc stores, other brands are now contacting us in relation to this offer, as a result of the combined strength of our expertise in large-scale distribution and banking.

What challenges did you encounter with this project?

One pre-condition was to convince Leclerc stores of the advantages of centralising transactions. We provided information upstream to present the challenges and obtain store endorsement of the project, while meeting members of the Leclerc network in different regions to explain the benefits they could expect from this approach.

When we then launched the project with Monext, one of the key factors of our achievement and its swiftness was to create an effective framework, with competent teams whose ability to adapt contributed to the project’s success.

What did Monext bring to this project?

Monext provided its expertise, and also a genuine ability to adapt to our requirements. In terms of support with this project, we wanted a company similar to ours that shares our proactive and responsive mindset. Transparency was also a major factor of this success, as neither company held much back.

What are the next steps?

Even though we have completed the centralisation project with Leclerc stores, it will never really be totally finished as the environment is constantly changing!

That said, the next steps will be to come up with new customer pathways, while proposing our offer externally.

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