Whether the merchant’s business is about bricks and mortar, retail stores or online shopping, your job is to offer the solution that is most likely to turn your potential consumers into satisfied – and paying - customers!

Wherever payments are taken, we will provide you with every possible solution to make the path to purchase as smooth as possible and make any payment operation the start of a stunning client relationship!

Payment by instalments, e-wallets, one click payments, mobile payments (e-wallet, HCE wallet, applePay…), in-store payment solutions and buyer recognition are just a few of several operational solutions offered by Monext.

These operational features may be used in combination with a wide range of payment methods, meaning that you can process payments from clients based in France – and the rest of the world.

With regard to on-line payments, our API makes payment page integration easy, offering you a raft of ways in which you can improve and streamline the user experience, including for mobile users, e.g. lightbox mode...

Our centralized acceptation and pre-acquisition solutions, along with our standardized systems, will enable significant cuts in costs while providing you with a comprehensive overview of your sales, no matter which sales channels you are receiving your payments from...

The ultimate goal is to enable your customers to make purchases across your entire range of sales outlets with both comfort and peace of mind and have their transactions processed more rapidly.