Centralised transactions

Transaction centralisation allows you to centralise all your payment flows, no matter where they come from (online sales, in-store purchases, mobile payments, etc.).

This enables you to cut running costs and gain a comprehensive overview of your sales, whilst giving your customers a fully-integrated user experience!

HCE - Host Card Emulation

Monext provides client banks with all they need to implement HCE (mobile payments) solutions. This ranges from the mobile app used to subscribe to the service and make payments (or API, if you prefer), to managing the cards in your digital Wallet (needed to make HCE payments), Wallet card issuance, the generation of payment tokens and the management of payment authorisations.

Cross Channel

For the best combination of bricks and clicks, with click and collect, web to store, store to web, etc., Monext offers a centralised payments solution that boasts multiple advantages: consolidation of business data, centralisation of payment transactions, reducing the incidence of fraudulent transactions, no more need to worry about PCI-DSS compliance, etc.

Dynamic CVV

Using a chip and pin card with dynamic CVV allows you to make it safer to buy online. A small display screen on the card itself replaces the static CVV. A dedicated computer chip and small battery inserted into the card enable the CVV to be changed every hour, without this affecting the card’s other chip in any way.

Instant issuance

Monext provides a card issuing package, packed full of services for your customers.

Offering an instant issuance option on your cards helps you to stand out from the competition and strengthens your relationship with your clients.


Our mPOS solution lets you accept payments on the go and frees you from the shackles of the in-store POS terminal!

All you need is to connect the mini POS terminal to your Smartphone and you can accept payments wherever you are.

Naturally, our mPOS solution occupies a central place in our vision of ‘cross-channel’ retailing.


The PCI DSS standard lists a number of requirements and criteria relating to information systems that process payment card data. Monext can help you along the road to successfully obtaining PCI-DSS certification by removing sensitive data from your information systems and storing it on its own systems instead.

Business Intelligence

This is a comprehensive package of reports aimed at acquirers and merchants. A full catalogue of reports, available on all devices, will offer you real insight and help you to make the right business decisions!

Our experts will also help you to tailor your reports to your needs!

API WebPayment

Payment pages enable your clients to stay on your website to pay, without you having to implement all the security measures associated with PCI-DSS. Based on a web widget which makes integration easy, these pages bring you tangible benefits by improving your conversion rate!

DCC - Dynamic Currency Conversion

With our DCC package, you can simplify the payment process for foreign tourists, by giving them the opportunity to pay in their card’s currency. Our solution is just what consumers are looking for, offering a more complete purchasing experience.


The wallet simplifies and streamlines the payment phase. Register one or more payment methods in the wallet and then all you have to do is enter your username and password. The most popular wallets are now available through our e-commerce package, enabling you to boost your conversion rate whilst reducing your exposure to fraud.

Automatic 'retry' feature

To maximize your payment conversion rate, why not try again if a payment is initially rejected? You can make another authorisation request to a different acquiring bank, change your 3DSecure rules or even the card scheme you’re using.

A rejected transaction is no longer a lost sale!